The Novel – Putting It All Together

Seven parts of craft are germane to each novel: Theme, Construction, Plot, Tempo, Viewpoint, Characterization and Description. The order through which we talk about them right here has no bearing on their relative significance.


The theme of a novel normally is an expression of the writer's opinions and attitudes, of his / her ideas a few given matter. Dealt with effectively, the theme provides mental texture to the story.

The writer should take nice care to "present," not "preach," by sending his / her message by way of the actions and phrases of the characters. He / she should additionally make sure that the theme doesn’t dominate the characters to the diploma that they turn out to be one-dimensional. A novel is a narrative, not a polemic.

By providing choices to the characters, the writer provides them addition dimension. Because the character wrestles over methods to act or what to do, rigidity builds and that holds the reader's curiosity. However the character's determination has to match completely with the character's persona because it has been developed within the story.


As soon as the theme has been established, it have to be introduced in a approach that intrigues the reader and is plausible. Conditions in fiction can't happen by probability as they generally do in actual life. Each prevalence, certainly every part your characters do should have logical causes for taking place.

The author prepares for that by laying the bottom work earlier within the ebook. Consider it as "trigger and impact" or as I typically label it "stimulus and response." What it means in probably the most fundamental phrases is that there must be motivation for each motion.


Consider plot because the pores and skin that wraps the bones of the story and makes it cohesive and plausible. It’s only a nuance away from construction. It encompasses the ups and downs, the obstacles and the options that the protagonist encounters as he / she struggles to succeed in the purpose that was set within the opening paragraphs of the ebook. An in depth exploration of this sequencing may be discovered within the companion article The Novelty of Writing Your First Novel .


The motion of the ebook have to be seen by way of the eyes of a single character. The novelist determines which character will narrate the story earlier than even putting a finger on the keyboard. It may be advised within the third particular person by the writer. I counsel most of my ebook teaching shoppers to make use of this strategy as a result of it’s the best because the author can peer into the minds of every character. But when one of many characters within the story is used because the narrator, he / she has no credible technique to know what’s going on contained in the heads of the opposite individuals concerned.


A relentless barrage of rigidity tends to show off the readers, most of whom require at the least a brief respite from the various conflicts the protagonist faces. The extra relaxed segments of the story are used to fill within the particulars that might sidetrack the motion of the story in the event that they had been associated throughout the motion scenes. They are often introduced as flashbacks, description or perception into any of the character's pondering. However the materials have to be contemporary and new, one thing the reader has not but realized.

The stress when the protagonist is in battle is bolstered through the use of brief sentences and staccato phrases. Throughout extra contemplative, calmer segments of the story, longer sentences are used to sluggish the tempo down. Softer phrases and passive verbs are calming.


To many readers, the characters are an important and most memorable facets of fine fiction. That’s the reason the novelist makes a terrific effort to humanize the individuals who take part within the story and to attract them in nice element. Each motion and all dialogue have to be suitable with the picture the author needs to set, and as said earlier there have to be a purpose for every part every character does or says. .

This could solely occur when the author understands each nuance of the character's persona. I at all times suggest detailed sketch of the principal characters be thought out rigorously and positioned on paper. This could embrace particulars similar to childhood, parentage, schooling, mates, dwelling location, favourite actions, hobbies, bodily look and so forth.

Your characters can't be all excellent or all unhealthy. As I instructed earlier on this article, they’re human and have human flaws and failings. They’re entitled to suppose, to be tempted, to waver and to alter their minds so long as the result’s suitable with their persona. Solely by humanizing them on this method, does the author keep away from making them stiff, uninteresting and one dimensional.

Individualize your individuals with distinguishing bodily marks. Maybe a limp, a scar, or an exceptionally skinny or tall or fats physique. It might be a mode of speech. There can be an mental uniqueness. Simply be certain it’s according to the impression you are attempting to create for that character.


One of the best ways to ask a reader into the story is thru detailed and exacting description. That provides the reader one thing to narrate to and makes him / her a participant within the ebook. For instance, a shrub is not only a shrub in entrance of the home; it’s a purple azalea. The home just isn’t merely a home; it’s a cape cod with weathered shakes and black shutters.

Remember, nonetheless, that an excessive amount of description in addition to irrelevant description will sluggish your story and bore your reader. However, too little flip make your characters into boring robots.

It’s the writer's accountability to find out the right stability of description that can neither bore the reader nor go away him / her feeling empty for lack of element. One of the best ways to do that is to reread very rigorously, putting your self within the function of the reader.

By giving these seven parts the eye they deserve, you can see the novel you’ve got created involves life. Readers will inform others about your characters or your uncommon plot. There’s nothing extra helpful to gross sales than phrase of mouth reward, so make sure you obtain your justifiable share by heeding these seven options.

Source by Charles Jacobs