The Blue Elephant (A Novel for Ahmed Mourad)

Do you know that your nostril turns into engorged with blood if you lie and this causes a tingly or itchy sensation which requires a nostril rub to assuage it? So the following time you speak to somebody, be careful for that snout stroke cue, however don’t rule out the chance that it could be an harmless itch! You’ll be taught extra physique language studying ideas in Ahmed Mourad's new thriller novel 'The Blue Elephant' by Dr. Yehia Rashed, the shrewd psychiatrist, narrator, and major character.

Yehia tells his story the day he obtained the dismissal warning letter from Abbasiya Psychological Hospital that disrupted his 5 years of voluntary oblivion. He resumed his work as a Psychiatrist in part 'East eight', the part that decides the sanity and destiny of crime perpetrators. One of many inmates was his previous good friend Sherif Elkordy, a psychiatrist too sarcastically, who had been accused of murdering his spouse Basma – shoved bare off the 30th ground! The 2 buddies' encounter opened a Pandora's field and rekindled an previous romance with Lobna, Sherif's helpless sister. By means of the novel, Yehia tried to psychoanalyze and examine Sherif's case and peccary tattoo; did he or did he not homicide his beloved spouse and if he did, was he conscious, and why? Discovering solutions upturned Yehia's as soon as secure and apathetic life.

The primary strains clearly revealed the sarcastic, self-loathing tone of the narrator, in addition to his wayward way of life represented in beer bottles, weed, poker, and "The three most vital conventions to mankind: electrical energy, alcohol and Maya!" Maya is the scorching character that appeared within the first web page as Yehia's bodily affiliate. Maya's function was not merely sensual; it turned life altering when she launched Yehia to "The Blue Elephant for journey and tourism" that took him repeatedly to a mystifying unexplored world, the place he got here out as a unique particular person! These spooky journeys, coupled with Absinthe and Jack Daniel's, unraveled darkish secrets and techniques and implicated Yehia in Sherif's case.

Ahmed Mourad, writer of Vertigo and Diamond Mud, is a well-read Egyptian novelist and photographer. He engages his readers by mixing reality with fiction and colloquial with formal Arabic. He additionally provides a dollop of contextual English phrases to materialize his tales.

Mourad's vivid creativeness will make you petrified like Sherif, woozy like Yehia, chant Fayrouz with Lobna, odor violet just like the odor of Indian incense, hear smashing beer bottles, watch Nationwide Geographic on Yehia's TV, admire Maya's blue nail polish, faucet into psychology and taboos like alcohol, psychedelics, and unstated needs. You’ll drop in at modern locations like Abbasiya Hospital, Osman Towers in Maadi, Sequoia and Offers in Zamalek, and Drinkie's in Heliopolis in addition to historic locations like Bab Zuwayla and Sabil Nafisah Al-Bayda!

The Blue Elephant is a gripping psychological thriller novel with a touch of romance, lust, blood, violence, voodoo, and a handful of quips. You'll learn this e-book in large chunks and the creepy finish will disrupt your bedtime routine for a day or two!

Source by Marwa Farouk Amin