Religion – the Great Curse of Mankind

Faith is a curse pressured on mankind by control-freak criminals.

Man has no actual use for faith. It isn’t a instrument for peace however a instrument utilized by the worst sort of thoughts criminals to subdue, exploit and management plenty of individuals. By means of the ages faith has caused separation- -not communion and love; war- -not peace; pressured servility- -not liberty. Faith induced alienation, separation and persecution of lessons and races of individuals.

Faith separates members of the identical household, neighbors, individuals from the identical city, individuals of various cities, areas and nations.

Faith has induced essentially the most brutal sort of persecutions, homicide of people and much of individuals, torture, merciless ostracization, particular person and mass hatred, and usually excessive unhappiness. You identify something dangerous; faith has been discovered responsible of it.

Religions, like all different kinds of ideology, are associated in scheme and execution.

God hates faith and non secular expressions. These purchase god nothing; and it buys spiritual individuals nothing. Spiritual expressions are expressions of ignorant cowardly individuals. It expresses itself via cowardice and concern. God needs honesty and courage- -not feigned obedience and true revelation of 1’s inside self. God needs to revive communion, however this restoration of communion should come from soul and never from god.

Other forms of faith, however by no means acknowledged as such, are adoration of presidency, adoration and subjection to constitutions, establishments and the company construction, racial and specie identification, and final however not least, the love of cash. All these classes present legal inclination via mass-controlled and invoked malevolent expressions.

Faith is basically non-communication between individuals and god. The god of the universe doesn’t acknowledge anybody in love however as mere slaves. He’s the one who captured us. He could also be answerable for our bodily kinds and operation however he didn’t create our souls. He simply makes use of our souls.

Even the god of all true spirit can not acknowledge us as a result of we’re out of communion with him via the idea in a lie about him. So long as souls/people proceed to imagine that they will have communion with the true god whereas holding a lie about him of their hearts this god doesn’t even know you.

The complete universe, each creature and all relationships within the universe are based mostly on lies believed. The universe is fiction and it constitutes a religious, digital psychological dream. That is so as a result of all we all know, imagine and settle for as reality is predicated on deceitful religious and bodily kinds of propaganda. In fact lies can not exist and liars can’t be rewarded. Within the bodily realm the one factor that brings reward are intelligent schemes of lies perpetrated on others.

There is no such thing as a reality within the bodily realm. If the bodily realm can not include reality it have to be fiction. In fiction any sort of decrease types of fictions are permitted and reality have to be shut out. If reality wouldn’t be cleverly shut out the fictional universe would disappear.

So long as you don’t agree or perceive this reality you stay a non-entity to god. This isn’t resulting from any concepts or actions of god however resulting from beliefs held in soul and in our human hearts which can be unfaithful.

We might declare that our hearts are pure however your religious and bodily indoctrinations make you keen slaves to the enemies of the true god and your self. The true God solely acknowledges free spirits and free ideas. Ideas induced or modified by faith, authorities, ideologies and in spirit make you your personal worst enemy.

Your function on earth is to acknowledge that you just concern the true god since you come earlier than him with unclean fingers and minds. As soon as you already know you’re spiritually unclean you’ll be able to repent in spirit. Repentance and baptism within the sense of human understanding (in accordance with John the Baptist’s normal) is a spiritually ineffective motion. Not the human creature however the soul should repent.

All of the true God needs is so that you can acknowledge the liar in spirit (the commonly acknowledged Nice Spirit or god of the universe is that religious liar) and the lie he advised your soul that you just believed; and to, then, repent of those and make amends. Standing earlier than the true god in that style can don’t have any different consequence however to be enfolded in his love and perpetual reality as a result of then you’re a true son of the true god.

This doesn’t take one iota of religiousness or togetherness. It takes purely, particular person braveness, religious humility and repentance. As soon as all these items have been completed you can’t discover any larger associates than on this true god and this false god; as a result of behind the scenes they work collectively (like man and spouse) to create new sons of god.

One of many standards to be a son of god is that you just acknowledge lies and desist from believing lies. Faith is totally devoid in engaging in this as a result of it feeds you lies and makes you comfy in holding these false imagine programs in your coronary heart.

To be seen by the true god you should stand alone (you can’t depend on anybody) and also you can’t be influenced by anybody. Interference kind any bodily quarter in looking for your self again in spirit will solely trigger you to be deceived extra.

When you perceive your religious crime (not a bodily sin or crime) you already know that you’ve just one grasp, trainer, good friend and loving god and he’ll embrace you all the time. He’s in true spirit and doesn’t exist, know or management the universe.

The final word god is actual as a result of nobody could make that god a liar. What he says is reality. For those who differ with him on something you’re kicked out of actuality by your personal unsuitable perception. You have got made your self unreal since you made the true god a liar in your coronary heart.

Your false god will be any religiously acknowledged god, an ideology, a sure sort of authorities (like democracy or communism), racial superiority, something you maintain in your coronary heart to be extra necessary and worthwhile than the love in reality of the true god. He’s false as a result of you can also make him to be something you imagine. You possibly can solely know the true god. How are you going to know him? By recognizing him from earlier than you believed him to be a liar.

So, you’re both totally alone in braveness or utter along with the opposite cowardly outcasts from actuality by expressing a way of bodily self-worth and significance to the bodily universe.

You possibly can see that each one graduates of upper studying are barred from repenting and from the spirit of reality. These individuals have tied themselves (status-wise and financially) an excessive amount of to bodily imagine programs. They falsely imagine that their studying provides them rewards in hell whereas they proceed to stay enemies of the god of true actuality. They like fiction higher than reality as a result of they’re too strongly tied to their very own bodily nature and the bodily setting.

Source by Hans VanKrieken