Prince Harry – Numerology, Astrology Profile

Prince Harry – youthful son of Charles and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, second lieutenant within the Blues and Royals of the Family Cavalry Regiment, tank commander and Counselor of State.

Date of Start: 15 September 1984

Numerology: 37/10 – Life Path 1

Life Path 1: It has at all times been related to masculine (yang) energies, and is the potent power of the basic Hearth. An individual selecting this life path has come into this lifetime to study individuality, self-reliance and correct expression of will. They are often fiercely unbiased and needs to be left alone to complete duties.

Though well-liked with colleagues, they aren’t crew gamers and discover it troublesome to take orders. Ones ceaselessly discover themselves in positions of duty and affect. Ambition is a primal power within the One… this may usually cause them to begin a brand new venture earlier than finishing one other.

The teenage and early grownup years might be an intense wrestle for independence and a self-identity.

Prince Harry has Harmonious traits

Robust willed and bold with consideration for others, brave, organizer-leader-pioneer, particular person, unique thinker… they categorical themselves confidently. Nonetheless, as a result of he has two quantity 1s in his chart he must take care to not go over into the Assertive traits of his Life Path quantity:

Assertive traits

Willful, domineering, egocentric, smug; places personal wants earlier than others no matter penalties; boastful, impulsive, hyperactive.

He additionally has the Line of Willpower in his chart:

Resilient and targeted on the duty at hand, they’re persistent individuals who bounce again from setbacks and shrug off issues whereas in pursuit of their targets.

Life path 37/10: An individual with this life path quantity mixture, the three and seven making up the 10, will probably be delicate, have a non-public disposition with a fragile vitality discipline, and should overcome deeply rooted insecurity.

A way of belief is necessary for everybody however turns into the touchstone of life for the 37/10. As a result of lack of self-trust, most search information outdoors of themselves reasonably than trusting their intuitive depths.

Most 37/10s would reasonably pay attention than discuss as a result of they’re afraid they could say the incorrect factor. They like privateness to firm, but they really feel the necessity to bond with any individual. Due to insecurity, nonetheless, 37/10s usually count on quite a lot of love with out giving a lot again, and so they could are inclined to depend on different folks for power. They might rely on a mate to really feel full or a job to meet them, counting on outdoors influences. They’ve combined emotions about relationships with others; this ambivalence displays their unsure relationship with themselves.

Most 37/10s begin out as naively trusting after which withdraw from others out of insecurity and worry of being embarrassed. Not revealing their emotions, they discover or understand that folks misunderstand them and even distrust them. Working within the adverse, they might have distributing desires which reveal the shadow facet of their worry, and really feel repressed bitterness about relationships. They might undergo bodily maladies in the event that they wrestle with blocked artistic energies.

It is a delicate, extremely inventive sample. Practically all 37/10s discover emotional therapeutic via music. They present an amazing capability to specific themselves via artwork, performing, poetry, dancing, images, design, and lots of types of artistic expression. All 10s, whether or not a 19/10, 28/10 or 37/10, have the particular inside reward of additional powers of instinct, enhanced sensitivity and expressiveness, and in addition double power.

37/10s are inclined to belief their thoughts over their coronary heart, as a result of the center and emotions are related to ache and distrust attributable to perceived betrayals. Doubtlessly, these people have a deep connection to the love and knowledge of the center, however they should belief their emotions, even when these emotions typically contain ache.

The diploma to which the 37/10 subconsciously expects betrayal, they encounter betrayal in others and on the earth. After they study to understand their function in creating these dramas, they’ll perceive the function performed by others of their long-range evolution. Then they not encounter betrayal within the exterior world as a result of they’ve discovered to belief the bigger strategy of their life.



Taking over Mercury’s analytical high quality, Virgo’s minds are at all times busy; dissecting data, scrutinising it methodically to make sense and order of it.

Virgo units excessive requirements and, not at all times trusting others to use the identical standards, usually prefers to work alone as a way to get a factor achieved ‘proper’.

Virgo’s signal is related to work and well being; lots of the worries that are inclined to preoccupy them can lead to upset stomachs and related problems. If they don’t seem to be worrying about one thing exterior, they’re going to be focussing on issues inside themselves.

The one factor a Virgo ought to keep away from in any respect prices is a medical dictionary! The opposite high quality related to Virgo is a youthful look and, supplied they do not fear themselves into untimely ageing, their seems are sometimes the envy of friends.

In Love

Virgo is called the shy one – hiding away within the nook at events, or deep in dialog about their work. This signal might be extremely severe, an actual worrier and really specific over nearly the whole lot.

Of their relationships, Virgos is usually a little restrained and are definitely fastidious about who they select for a associate. They’re usually much less forthcoming in demonstrating their emotions than different indicators and want loads of reassurance earlier than they even take into consideration long-term dedication.

Being dominated by Mercury signifies that they are often good mates with a lover too. As soon as in a well-established relationship, Virgos show honest and reliable. They present quite a lot of concern for his or her associate’s happiness in caring and sensible methods.

Virgo lives to serve! Sure, listed below are a gaggle of people born to be of service to others. Not solely that, they’re meticulous. Virgos are splendidly environment friendly and able to producing order out of probably the most spectacular chaos. Like Gemini, Virgo is suited to a profession in communications or the media. That analytical thoughts excels in investigative journalism, as a critic, or any space the place Mercury’s reward of phrases and a expertise for writing might be utilized.

After they fall in love, they’re going to put you on a pedestal; however they may also be terribly important! Beneath a cool demeanor is a passionate coronary heart, and it solely wants the correct individual to gentle the Virgo hearth and create a real mixing of the minds.

They by no means wish to be embarrassed in public – it may be dangerous sufficient in personal! You’d additionally have to tread additional rigorously in terms of criticism – Virgo is the grasp of this, however they are often extraordinarily insecure under the floor. As a result of Mercury, the planet of communication, guidelines Virgo, this signal is at all times trying to find an actual assembly of minds.

Virgo males are secretly afraid of deep, significant relationships – mainly, as a result of they’re anxious that they won’t final. They yearn for fixed psychological challenges and stimulation; but inwardly they realise that their very own important and analytical traits can drive lovers away! Do your finest to grasp a Virgo’s strengths and weaknesses however by no means attempt to change them in a single day.

So Harry has a double dose of being analytical and never displaying his emotions, as this trait is widespread to his numerology and astrology.

Ladies usually like guys to indicate their emotions, so are all his relationships doomed to failure?

Let’s take a look at his expression, character and soul numbers, to see if there may be any data there a would-be suitor may use to grasp him higher:

The next numbers are based mostly on an individual’s title at delivery. It was fairly difficult to work out what title to make use of, as there are numerous titles and names used for a royal. I made a decision to go together with Prince Henry of Wales as his official title.

From his royal title at delivery we get:

Expression quantity: 9

Character quantity: 1

Soul quantity: eight

The Expression Quantity reveals you ways finest to behave to return into line along with your life path.

9 – Nines are idealists and might be blinded to the realities of life. He wants to pay attention to false ego and delusion; tolerance and making an attempt to assist others is indicated by this quantity, and compassion is the cornerstone of the 9; a 9’s future usually lies inside the sphere of humanitarian causes. He must be a seeker of deeper truths however not let others reap the benefits of his selflessness.

His Character Quantity is how others see him:

1 – A 1’s best worry is to be ignored. Nonetheless, when performing within the optimistic, an individual with this quantity can seem forthright and direct; assured and self-reliant, apparently not needing the help of others. They are going to usually emerge because the pure chief in a gaggle.

[Additionally, he has the line of determination which will add to his forthrightness.]

Appearing within the adverse: they’ll seem egocentric; they are often illiberal of weak spot in others and trample on folks to ‘get their means’; they’ve problem taking orders.

[I wonder how he got on in army!]

His Soul Quantity reveals how he actually feels inside/his innermost drivers:

eight – A soul urge eight values something that brings magnificence, that means and revenue to the world. They crave success and are pushed to take management in all kinds of conditions. They will really feel annoyed and undergo stress if their targets should not realized. Their problem is to calm down and average their goals in these circumstances.

Prince Harry has some conflicting properties to his numbers. For instance, a Virgo is shy however he’s additionally a life path 1, which tends to indicate dominant and chief kind traits. Additionally his character number one could make him seem assured and self-reliant, presumably a pure chief.

As a result of a life path 1 is right here to study gaining confidence, they usually begin off on the reverse finish of the spectrum, i.e. uncertain of themselves. And you’ll see that in him. He’s fairly shy wanting however then he’s additionally boisterous and vigorous.

Additionally his character number one conflicts along with his expression quantity 9. He must act with tolerance and compassion however when he’s careworn and performing within the adverse, he could seem egocentric and illiberal.

And the soul quantity eight which is usually about materials wealth and energy, conflicts with the expression quantity 9, which is about being selfless and predominantly serving to others.

On high of that, he has varied totally different names he goes by, being a royal, and these will all have an effect on him and his character traits, and the way others see him. So greater than most individuals, the Royals will look like totally different at various occasions, relying what function they’re enjoying at that second and so which title applies.

So if there are some opposite traits in his character, do not be stunned. Hopefully he’s not a ‘mass of contradictions’, however is extra a ‘advanced’ particular person – as all of us usually are – with an ‘fascinating’ mixture of character traits.

Ideally, Prince Harry would take a look at this data himself to grasp himself higher… however have you learnt anybody who is aware of him?

All of us have varied forces pulling us in differing instructions which all go to make up our personalities. For this reason it’s so necessary to grasp your self. It actually helps to know why you’re like you’re. It is uncommon for an individual to have utterly harmonious, suitable numbers, with no conflicting ones. So it makes folks contradictory, not loopy! It is regular to really feel awkward and confused, till you come to simply accept and love your self simply the way in which you’re!

What’s your numerology/astrological profile like?

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