Novel Review: Twingle Twangle By Femi Osofisan – Part One

Twingle Twangle is a novel written by Femi Osofisan based mostly on a typical Yoruba setting with two male actors (a twin – Taye and Kehinde) who went on journey right into a forest in seek for higher life. The author tried to painting within the novel conflict and peace and these had been positioned facet by facet in it. Primarily based on the central theme of the novel, POVERTY, the author tried to pin-point on the widespread of poverty.

The write, Femi, satirically painting that the world will be dominated even with out robust hand – coercion or power, whereas on the identical time, a frontrunner can as effectively makes use of iron hand to rule his individuals – a tyrant, dictator and heartless chief, each aiming or concentrating on a function – defending the curiosity of the individuals or self.

Baba Ibeji (father of twins) and Mama Ibeji (mom of twins) occurred to be a sufferer of poverty and solely to be given a twin as an answer to this drawback. That is additionally one of many beliefs of the author’s neighborhood that twins do flip a wretched household to a lucky or rich household. After some time, the dual took an journey to go and get hold of for all times with their father’s consent. The journey is to take 5 years.

Some years handed, these two brothers did not return from their journey; this triggered Mama Ibeji to be fearful as as to if they’re nonetheless alive or not, a extremely tempered girl, insulting and impolite and pounced on the Babalawo (herbalist) who she believed should have hand within the dying or the non-return of her kids.

As a way to avert horrible scandal, the Babalawo requested her to be affected person and he took out his opele (divination beads) which he solid for divination to know the the place about of the twins. The person after casting the opele instructed Mama Ibeji that her sons are nonetheless leaving and to Baba Ibeji standing helplessly. A type of flash again was utilized by the creator to disclose what has occurred and is going on presently in respect to the twins.

The journey was in no way fascinating and likewise very onerous for the 2 brothers and their servants, Digbaro and Efundunke. It was power consuming, redolent and worrying. Quite a lot of argument got here in on the crossing of frontiers resulting from the truth that the street has divided into two – one heading to the seashore and the opposite heading to the forest. Ultimately Digbaro adopted Kehinde to the best way that led to the seashore with a bag filled with weapons, whereas Efundunke adopted Taye to the forest with a bag filled with musical instrument. The author made a comparability as to what it takes to be a frontrunner and system of presidency, navy rule and democracy.

Source by Oluwanisola Seun