Closer To Truth: Some More About The Almighty

There’s an ongoing PBS TV collection (additionally a number of books and in addition an internet site) referred to as "Nearer to Fact". It’s hosted by neuroscientist Robert Lawrence Kuhn. He's featured in one-on-one interviews and panel discussions with the cream of the cream of immediately's cosmologists, physicists, philosophers, theologists, psychologists, and many others. on all the Huge Questions surrounding a trilogy of broad matters – Cosmos; Consciousness; Which means. The trilogy collectively take care of actuality, area and time, thoughts and consciousness, aliens, theology and on and on and on. Listed below are a number of extra of my feedback on one of many basic matters coated, God Almighty.

Does God Make Sense?

God of the Previous Testomony says "Thou is not going to kill". It's one of many Ten Commandments. God of the Previous Testomony is a mass assassin, Huge Time (for instance Noah's Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Tenth Plague, and Pharaoh's Military). So we’ve got a 'do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do' God. God doesn’t precisely set an excellent instance. This can be a God of the double commonplace. Does that make any sense?

Can God Face Up To Evil?

We've nearly all seen, learn or heard in regards to the determined match of the Christians in Iraq who’ve been pressured by the ISIS (or the self-proclaimed, egotistical, and so-called Islamic State) to transform to Islam or else flee for his or her very dwelling leaving something and every little thing behind them. The opposite different was seize, torture and execution by the Islamic militants, and lots of Iraqi Christians have suffered that destiny too. Within the histories of the world, that is simply the latest of tons of of persecutions of those that put their religion, religion and belief in God.

The Huge Query is, what’s their God doing about all this? Why shouldn’t be God smiting their Islamic buyers? Is God afraid of Allah? Maybe God's unsaid message right here is alongside the strains of "I don’t give a rattling about you; don’t come to me along with your issues. A lot for a caring, loving, merciful God. It's both that in fact, or, the extra apparent different, which is there is no such thing as a God to lend a serving to hand to the devoted and His believers (and no Allah both for that matter).

So all the dispute is a non secular nonsense. After all this isn’t actually about faith (Islam versus Christianity) quite it's all in regards to the Islamic State attaining political energy.

How Ought to We Take into consideration God's Existence 1?

Earlier than one can take into consideration God's existence, it might be useful to have first established that God exists. I can take into consideration a teapot orbiting the planet Neptune, however my ideas would have taken a bit extra critically if I may first set up that there was a teapot orbiting Neptune.

Christianity, be it the acute proper wing number of basic evangelism or the extra middle-of-the-road varieties, relies on one and just one factor – that God exists. But they by no means, ever, supply up any proof, and even proof of that challenged 'reality' besides to endlessly and endlessly quote the Bible – a really suspect doc IMHO. From the pope proper on down the theological line to your native vicar, no proof, even proof, is within the providing.

If I accuse somebody of one thing, say homicide, then the burden of proof is on me to indicate past any doubt that that somebody is responsible as charged, not on that somebody to show something on the contrary. In like vogue, if somebody claims that God exists and has sure attributes, then the burden of proof is on that particular person to show his or her declare.

How Ought to We Take into consideration God's Existence 2?

When enthusiastic about, or believing in God's existence, a minimum of on a nationwide degree, there seems to be a contradiction. Now the USA is a really spiritual (in God we belief) nation and little question multi-millions of Americans pray day by day to God Almighty on behalf of the collective to maintain America secure and smite America's enemies. But, America has completely no religion that God will truly go to bat for America. The USA doesn’t appear to base its overseas and protection coverage round God. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor America's response was to not let God kind out the Japanese, quite America mobilized it's army forces and sorted out the Japanese themselves.

In reality, I don’t imagine any Christian nation truly expects an omnipotent God to really act straight on their behalf, but that makes for a much more taxpayer pleasant overseas affairs and protection choice. What this actually suggests is that they imagine in God however haven’t any religion that God will truly strut his stuff on their behalf.

Nowhere is that extra apparent then with respect to Israel. Israel is God's chosen nation and the Hebrews or Israelites are God's chosen folks. But when crunch comes crunch, it's the Israeli army that kicks butt. The Jewish folks can imagine in God till the cows come house however that perception didn’t quantity to a hill of beans throughout the Holocaust.

Even Muslims don’t depend on Allah to smite the infidels – they're far more try this themselves!

So, a nation's perception in God is widespread. Perception that God will truly rise up off His throne and do issues for believers in Him at that nationwide degree is just about a non-starter. That's a contradiction IMHO.

Contemplating God's Existence?

One thing is screwy someplace! Has anybody actually stopped to think about how loopy this discover of God's existence actually is?

Think about this brick inscribed with the next: "Speculation: There exists a supernatural deity who created life, the universe and every little thing. There’s nonetheless no hardcore supporting proof far much less proof that this supernatural dying actually exists apart from life, the Universe and every little thing exists . "

However from that 'what if' brick, people have constructed a home of playing cards, or bricks, the scale of Buckingham Palace. By no means have so many constructed a lot out of so little, from spiritual texts and ensuing tens of 1000’s of interpretations of these; to a whole nation (the Vatican); to infinite cultures that revolve round that one tiny brick; to infrastructure price billions on billions of . So one tiny 'what if' brick of an thought has spawned a multi-billion, even trillion greenback trade. There's over-the-top after which there's Over-The-Prime! For those who take away or negate simply that one brick a big a part of human 'civilization' collapses in a heap.

Somebody needed to have been the primary to say what a improbable thought it was that was so inscribed on this one theological brick, just one had higher delete the phrases "speculation" and the sentence beginning with "There’s nonetheless no hardcore … "He stated. And now most of human society dances to this particular person's tune.

Like I stated, there's one thing screwy someplace!

Arguing God from Consciousness?

["Closer to Truth" contributor] JP Moreland argues that consciousness cannot be an emergent property from physics and chemistry. Consciousness is prime from the get-go, from the second of the Huge Bang, the creation of the Universe. The one factor that may create consciousness is consciousness and the one acutely aware being that may clarify the creation of consciousness is God. Okay, that's one viewpoint, however Moreland cannot show that consciousness cannot come up from physics and chemistry, solely state that he doesn’t imagine that it’s so. Nonetheless, listening to him, he appears to be expressing factual materials, not private opinion. I personally assume that consciousness can increase as an emergent property from the legal guidelines, ideas and relationships of physics and chemistry, however I specific this as a matter of private perception. IMHO, consciousness shouldn’t be a basic property of the cosmos that all the time has been and all the time shall be.

Arguing God from Morality?

Is there any historic proof that humanity exhibited any much less a level of morality or ethics earlier than God and monotheism got here on the scene? In that case, I'm not conscious of it.

Is there any archaeological proof that prehistoric people, be they Homo sapiens, Homo erectus, or the Neanderthals (and associated human species) had been any much less ethical and moral of their habits based mostly on what will be interpreted from the fossil file relative to trendy people who’ve been uncovered to God's morality? In that case, I'm not conscious of it.

Is there any zoological proof that our trendy primal relationships (chimpanzees, gorillas, monkeys, and many others.), and probably additionally our historical primates ancestors, are or had been any much less ethical or moral of their intra-species dealings than trendy Homo sapiens? In that case I'm not conscious of it. In reality one may make a strong case for the precise reverse. I feel primates are way more ethical of their intra-species dealings relative to the human species.

Briefly, I see no proof that 'trendy' humanity that has been uncovered to God / Jesus (by way of the Bible and theologians) and naturally monotheism are any the extra ethical or moral of their habits than any member of the ancestral human tree or different primate species who’ve by no means had the 'pleasure' of that publicity. There seems to be no correlation between God, degree of ethical habits and mankind previous and current (and primate-kind too).

Arguing God from Ethical Legislation?

["Closer to Truth" contributor] JP Moreland argues that "There are a number of options of morality which are finest defined if there’s a private God that’s the origin of morality". In different phrases, ethical legal guidelines require an ethical lawgiver and thus morality cannot be defined by evolutionary naturalism. Moreland additional argues that if all people are equal, that solely is sensible if people had been created in God's picture.

A trilogy of factors must level out Moreland's bovine fertilizer. How any theologist can argue that God is an ethical God is past me. Such pontification requires the creator to both be blind to the extraordinarily immoral habits of God as described within the Previous Testomony, immorality that makes these Islamic State extremists appear downright saintly as compared, or else has conveniently missed that doc.

All people could also be equal, however they aren’t equal within the eyes of God. Firstly, in accordance with the Bible, God is the God of Israel. God shouldn’t be the God of wherever else on the earth, simply Israel. The Bible makes use of the phrase "God of Israel" over 200 instances. God has His "chosen folks" and they aren’t Australians or Individuals or Russians or Chinese language or the Japanese both. Additional, God most actually didn’t deal with everybody equally in accordance with Previous Testomony texts. I imply Noah and household obtained so much higher therapy from God than these pressured to sink or swim. Your complete of the Previous Testomony reeks of God's favoritism.

Evolution explains morality fairly properly since morality will be noticed within the animal kingdom. I can cite a private instance. I’ve two cats. They completely hate one another. I can depend on there being a number of cat-fights a day. Nonetheless, there are specific events when there’s a mutual truce in pressure. No cat will assault the opposite cat when the opposite cat is consuming, going to the toilet, or sleeping. Some type of ethical code is in play beneath these circumstances. There are various examples of animals coming to assistance from different animals. One case I can cite is a cockatoo twisted up in some wires. Different cockatoos introduced the tangled fowl meals. It had a contented ending when people got here to the rescue and freed the fowl. Tales of dolphins defending people from sharks are legendary. Cats, cockatoos, dolphins haven’t learn the Bible. The idea of God and God's [alleged] morality is meaningless to them. They didn’t get their morality from God.

Moreland might argu the existence of God from ethical legislation, however I don’t. God and morality are two phrases that bear no relationship to one another.

Is God a "Individual"?

Who wants LSD when you’ve gotten ["Closer to Truth" contributor] JP Moreland to twist your sense of actuality on its head? On this "Nearer to Fact" interview, Moreland notes that God is all-loving and all-just, in complete contradiction to what's associated within the Previous Testomony. Be that as it might …

He states that physics has nothing to do with the elemental nature of actuality quite that falls beneath the guise of psychology. Now I’d think about that there could be an entire military of physicists and bodily scientists who would take Moreland to activity on his disassociation of physics because the methods and means to come back to phrases with actuality. However, there's additionally this flaw that there was a interval submit Huge Bang the place there was no life that existed within the cosmos. No life means no brains, no thoughts, no sense of id, no self-awareness, and no consciousness. If a psychologist had been to time journey again to only after the creation of the Universe, they might don’t have anything to review! There have been no people obtainable to occupation couches in workplaces or get examined laboratories alongside the strains that presently are inhabited by psychologists.

But Moreland insists that individuals are essentially the most basic of foundations. People are basically non secular beings who’ve been given at this cut-off date bodily our bodies that attempt to have a human life; people are usually not simply minds and bodily our bodies that attempt to have a non secular life. I actually do assume that's actuality turned the other way up.

Is God Excellent?

["Closer to Truth" contributor] JP Moreland notes among the varied attributes of his excellent God. God is smart, God is sort, God is light, God is simply, and God is honest. Clearly Moreland has not learn the Previous Testomony, a large oversight given his skilled profession. Or if Moreland has learn the Previous Testomony he treats it as a piece of mythological fiction. Regardless of which method you slice and cube issues, God of the Previous Testomony doesn’t have the attributes that Moreland mentions. Moreland someway fails to say genocide and mass homicide and an almighty mood as related God's excellent attributes. I feel Moreland is responsible of cherry-picking. If I had been to grade Moreland, effectively, the phrase in a nutshell is "Fail".

Does God have a Nature?

God's nature relating to the Seven Lethal Sins is revealing. The Seven Lethal Sins are: vainglory, envy, anger, melancholy, avarice, gluttony and lust. Now which one (s) will be pinned on God? Effectively, vainglory actually applies as God is actually up Himself in no unsure phrases. He actually appears to be envious of the opposite gods by no means lacking an opportunity to place them down. There’s actually little question God's anger, oft famous as God's wrath or the wrath of God. I feel that God is off the hook with respect to the ultimate 4. Nonetheless, God will get despatched to the sin-bin on a minimum of three accounts!

Does God Combine with Science?

Does God combine with science? The very query presumes that there’s such an entity as God, and that isn’t an absolute given. There isn’t a proof for God, however a minimum of there’s proof that science exists. IMHO, the query is asking for a combination between a possible nothing and an absolute one thing.

Novel Visions of the Divine?

Superman is disguised as Clark Kent; Batman as Bruce Wayne, so why not God's alter ego being Santa Claus? Give it some thought. Santa is about as omnipotent because it will get lugging presents round for multi tens of thousands and thousands of youngsters in only one sack. That sack should weigh multi dozen on tons of tons. Santa is omnipresent on Christmas Eve, or as near it as makes no odds. After all Santa is all-knowing because the well-known Christmas track testifies to.

Solely somebody supernatural may slide up and down these chimneys quicker than a rushing bullet and the place there are not any chimneys, waft ghost-like by way of doorways and partitions and drink these thousands and thousands of glasses of milk and eat these thousands and thousands upon thousands and thousands of cookies disregarded for Him with out the necessity to take the day out to go to the toilet. He doesn’t even want to start out weight-reduction plan the subsequent day!

Santa loves little kids as solely a deity may. Solely a deity may get reindeer to fly and naturally all these elves are usually not wee-folk however angels simply getting them hold. Santa is immortal. Santa has that conventional God-like beard and wrinkles. And solely God performing as Santa can afford to present away one thing for nothing since He can create one thing out of nothing.

Little kids (and the retail commerce) worship Santa most likely greater than God in defiance of God's instructions, but God doesn’t strike them down with lightning bolts or in different methods related to God's wrath, which is sensible if Santa is simply God in disguise .

Lastly, why would God play Santa Claus? Effectively God cannot simply sit round all day and all evening pondering all of these what-ifs and might-have-beens and all these eternals that hold theologians and philosophers awake into the wee hours of the morning. As Santa He will get one thing to do to get Him out of the home and right into a little bit of contemporary air and a few train too and in addition allow Him to maintain nearer tabs on His earthly kingdom.

So, a novel imaginative and prescient of the divine equates to God dressing up yearly and turning into Santa Claus!

Source by John Prytz