CIA, FBI, NSA Government Covert Surveillance and Conspiracy Theorist Novels

At present you’ll be able to go onto the Web and discover conspiracy theorists in every single place, it’s wonderful certainly. Yow will discover hyperlinks to Alien Abductions and secret "Males in Black" web sites, which clarify how the human race is being managed and you might be subsequent! Yow will discover previous "Chilly Warfare" elaborations of covert secret NSA initiatives and tales of NAZI spies who joined the CIA. If you happen to search you will see that secret teams just like the Illuminati, Cranium and Bones and high-levels of the Masonic Proper. Now you should know that many individuals who run these web sites have fully an excessive amount of time on their fingers and a few endure from borderline Schizophrenia. Some even endure from worse weird problems of the thoughts. But a few of what you learn perhaps actual, it might be lower than 5% because the Intelligence Group usually says. Not too long ago I met such a Conspiracy Theorist at a espresso store and he simply saved speaking and speaking. So, I assumed it was an fascinating concept for a Film Script, here’s what he advised me;

"I’m not a conspiracy theorist, though, I do consider that our CIA is working from outdoors the nation in Canada and on Indian reservations now spying on People who perhaps in cahoots with susceptibles or overseas nationals who could or will not be Al Queda. A few of these outdoors our nation working for the clever businesses may be making an attempt entrapment pretending to be dangerous guys calling a citizen they believe is soiled, in order that is a matter. As soon as the CIA contacts them from outdoors the nation pretending to be Al Queda, nicely Now they’ve a motive to make use of surveillance on an individual and observe them till they break some regulation. "

When listening to this, I assumed to my self that his situation was believable certainly, however extremely extremely unlikely. But his conspiracy theorist thoughts had give you what seems to be an ideal idea for a online game situation for the brand new Xbox 360, because it may very well be made round a narrative and appear very actuality based mostly they means he had described this. Which is certainly an Orwellian sort situation and would match nicely in not solely a online game, however maybe a film script or Sci Fi novel too, you see? In case you are designing video video games, writing Sci Fi Novels or making film scripts it is best to hearken to a minimum of a few of these conspiracy theorists each on occasion, simply don't begin believing them, you could catch what they have? Suppose on this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow