Book Review: A Question of Power (The Fire Chronicles Book 2) by Susi Wright

A Query of Energy is the second ebook of the collection The Hearth Chronicles by Susi Wright. Preceded by Lord of Hearth , this Query gives some solutions on this quantity, however hides a number of extra in a sequel but to come back. If you wish to make a journey right into a land of fantasy, crammed with journey and romance, embark on the journey of The Hearth Chronicles . This ebook is just a pit cease on this fantastical journey.

Whereas it’s most well-liked that you simply learn the primary quantity, the second quantity can be robust sufficient to face by itself. Earlier than you land on Susi Wright's fantasy actual she equips you with a map and a crash course of Gaian philosophy, so you’ve got a way of orientation when you arrive. It’s refreshing to note the abundance of feminine characters within the ebook. A few of them are current because the first quantity whereas others are launched simply now. They’re fairly intriguing and painting completely different visions of the best Lady.

People cohabit the planet with Gaians and different incredible races. The Gaians are humanoids with superior perceptive powers and a few extra magical methods up their sleeves. Nevertheless, there are additionally particular bodily hallmarks of the Gaians, they’ve mild shade hair and eyes with a mystical brilliance that by no means fails to go unnoticed. New instances discover these two races dwelling collectively within the security of an Alliance and cradling a brand new hybrid breed, which proves to exceed the mother and father.

At first we comply with one of the crucial promising younger Gaian warriors, Xandor, in his quest to seek out and rescue different members of his race. His journey will lead to discovering and including precious members to his clan and likewise his life. So, the characters that inhabit the collection rapidly surge. The strain within the air all of them breed in forces the hand of their chief, Luminor, the Lord of Hearth to behave in opposition to an excellent evil that threatens to suffocate the brand new world order. And so, they experience into battle in opposition to an unknown enemy pushed by an insatiable starvation for energy.

A Query of Energy is, no query about it, an excellent ebook for younger adults loving fantasy novels. The story is effectively written and the plot is straightforward to comply with, goes completely with fragrance of spring. All in all, it makes for a refreshing learn for folks of all ages.

Source by Timea Barabas