Aum – Primordial Sound of Creation and the Scriptures

Aum is the transmuting vibration which alone comprises the transformative dynamic obligatory for development out of, and past, primary human consciousnessness into Christ consciousness and on to Cosmic-consciousness. Aum, being the Primordial Sound of the universe, is the start line by which human consciousness commences the transformative journey into Larger Consciousness; the gateway to Supreme Liberation into the everlasting peace and pleasure we're every encoded to in search of and discovering. When the aware thoughts is calmed of agitating ideas, that’s Christ-nature accessed, thereby is our journey into Larger Non secular Consciousness commenced: "be nonetheless and know that I (Larger Consciousness) am God" Psalm 46:10 – a stilled thoughts attuning with the Primordial frequency. Thus Aum is the sound automobile, the mantra which settles the energetic thoughts into subtler and subtler states leading to integration and purification of the decrease egoic nature and into immediately figuring out our Larger Self. An integratory exercise at unconscious degree which neutralizes from bondage the generational soul-blocking thought patters, causal of perpetual struggling by religious ignorance.

Transferring deer into Aum takes the thoughts past creation itself into the Transcendent, the vibrationaless state past the legislation of opposites, which inserts completely with the Supreme Liberation referred within the Bhagavad-Gita Ch2-v45: "be with out the three weapons, O Arjuna" – free of the legislation of opposites inherent in creation – "the three weapons" that are Sattva, Rajas and Tamas characterize the forces of nature which, in sensible phrases, are: Creation, Upkeep and Dissolution symbolized by AUM. In Hindu tradition the Three-fold nature of God is known as: satchidananda. Sat: Absolute never-changing, past creation. Chid: ever-vibrating inside creation or Christ-consciousness. Ananda: ever-new bliss.

Transferring past ego-governance and human consciousness, vibrating Aum elevates the senses from conditioned or gross ranges of sensory notion to a defect extra refined religious cosmic degree. Additionally, by reducing the respiratory charge to round 5/6 breaths per minute, and even decrease, meditation reduces manufacturing of carbon dioxide within the physique for elimination into the ambiance, thus contributing to decrease world warming by our low carbon footprint. Meditation additionally purifies the nervous system whereby the senses – that are duty-bound to serve the thoughts – develop into re-calibrated to serve in a multi-sensory capability, thereby to serve spiritually. By purification is imply, thoughts / senses turning into freed from automated attraction to the fabric world for sense gratification solely. To this finish, any meditation which stills / calms the aware thoughts and lowers the breath cycle, will result in transcendence and sense purification.

In discussing meditation, we should not ignore transcendence as in some way not making use of to the bizarre particular person, for it most actually does apply. It’s transcendence which takes the thoughts past Aum, past "the three weapons", past human consciousness and the cycle of birth-death and rebirth – which "past" embryos everlasting never-changing Pure Consciousness.

Allow us to now study intently the next Scripture as regards to Aum.

"Within the Starting was the Phrase, and the Phrase was with God, And the Phrase was God" John 1: 1

In relating virtually with the Phrase in John 1: 1, it permits success of our life-purpose – of going BEYOND human consciousness into Divine Consciousness. Probably the most sensible interpretation of this scripture due to this fact is the way it brings "past" about. The important questions on this context are: what’s the Phrase which was "at first" and "was with God" and "was God"? The association of the sentence tempts into an apparent common translation however which interpretation actually doesn’t advance in any significant method, understanding resulting in "past". Conversely, esoteric translation is referring to the inherent precept that, for any creation to happen, there should be Trigger, which on this case is the Phrase, the everlasting vibration Aum. "At first" due to this fact interprets: everlasting ever-existing Trigger. Thus the Phrase, which is Aum, is the Primordial sound of the universe; an invisible sonic-like vibration which pervades every little thing in existence – the universe and our bodily our bodies. Nothing got here or comes into existence with out the Phrase, with out vibrational Aum, or Om. After common apply, Aum is perceived inside as expansionary, an all-pervading upward-flowing vitality – a refined vibration of happiness or bliss. Aum shouldn’t be merely a philosophical image however an precise means-tool for human transformation into divine nature. Thus Aum is the sound of the eternally vibrating universe whereas concurrently mendacity "past" – of Transcendental nature or God – as in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost – three divine elements of One Being.

Aum is un-stuck, that means it’s not produced by two issues placing one another as is the case of relative sound.

Though humanly composed – nearly considerably Poetry-like – in symbolized, summary format, all sacred texts and languages, together with the Bible and the Vades, are sourced by Aum consciousness or, the Holy Ghost. And whereas vastly useful in fact, studying Scriptures alone shouldn’t be actually ample for direct Aum experiencing, so meditation is vital. Scriptures places it: "No man cometh to the Father (cosmic consciousnessness) besides by Me (Christ consciousness") John 14: 6 – that means, preliminary contact with Aum, which is God the Holy Ghost – the third particular person of the blessed trinity, is crucial. That is how, by meditation, the localized "I" progresses spiritually to develop into unbounded Larger Consciousness – the decrease mind turning into Transcendent-infused "I" – "I and the Father are one" John 10:30. Thus Aum is the crossover dynamic from human consciousness into Divine Consciousness.

Aum – Reason for Creation

However sourced by Aum, and the nice, everlasting knowledge of Scripture, the Phrase in John 1: 1 shouldn’t be particularly referring to a group of biblical God phrases as such -rather to the mechanism of Aum which prompts the dormant power on the base of the backbone. The Greek phrase for Phrase is Logos which has many definitions, one being: one thing that communicates, vibrates and divulges or, Trigger. In religious / biblical context, we may discuss with Phrase as Trigger [of creation], the Christ inside – the Atman or Soul. John 1: 1 due to this fact is referring particularly to the Authentic vibration which introduced the entire phenomenal creation into being, with which we're every meant to commune with the intention to transcend this bodily world.

Activating the Spinal Column

Ever-existing Aum is the Creator, Maintainer and Dissolver of all bodily creation. Aum is the sound by which all matter comes into being, together with our bodily our bodies. All of creation comes by Aum, a never-ceasing cosmic throb. On this context, we're every vibrating consciousness awaiting direct realization of Vibrational Silence past Aum, past matter, past creation into Larger Spirit-Consciousness.

Principally, it really works one thing like this. At a sure level – some traditions say between 40-120 days after conception – the Aum vibration descends into the embryonic fetus within the womb to make the bodily components – coronary heart, lungs, spinal and so forth. After completion, the vibration involves relaxation on the base of the spell – generally known as involution. We should bear in mind, that, for the soul to develop into bodily, the common vibration needed to be lowered or stepped down dramatically to facilitate this human delivery course of. The Vibration, then, in all its pre-reduced Potential, stays inactive on the base of the spell till such time as we consciously acknowledge the religious awakening course of, generally known as Ascension or evolution – the aim of our earth journey.

Ascension of consciousness commences when the sleep life power on the base of the spinal reactivates by Aum. In Japanese yogic traditions, this power is named kundalini. By means of common apply, kundalini will increase again up the backbone theby awakening the seven cosmic vitality facilities alongside the backbone culminating in awakening the 2 vitality facilities within the mind, the Pineal and Pituitary glands. Such awakening qualifies the Scripture "Jesus stated He would ship the Holy Spirit" John 15:26. In different phrases, the Holy Spirit / Ghost, which is Aum, is inherently in Aum at Descent and Ascension levels of the re-union with Larger Consciousness – God.

Paradigm Shift to All-knowing Intelligence – Divine Knowledge

Evolution globally is going on at a speedy tempo. Having skilled Aum and kundalini rising, huge swedes of persons are migrating from the impractical interpretations of literal scripts to esoteric or non-literal interpretation which provides a lot extra readability and that means. This paradigm shift is important as we transfer from base camp of religious ignorance into Actuality – into Summit Consciousness. In practising Aum, or related vibrational mantras, we're fulfilling the phrases of the Prophet Isaiah 40: Three "make straight within the desert a freeway for the Lord." By unblocking the religious channels we're getting into the seventh heaven, opening the seventh seal (Rev: eight: 1) of the Pineal gland, thereby claiming our Divine inheritance: Promised Land Consciousness. We're additionally fulfilling God's command to Moses "Raise up They Rod" Exodus 14:16 – activate the column column and the seven vitality certers, thereby getting ready the consciousness for experiential Divine nature. Such blessed state brings with it a degree of all-knowing intelligence, Divine Knowledge. that means, availability of expanded cosmic consciousness at our aware use of thoughts.

Aum and Whole Mind Coherence

The primary legislation of the universe is order. Subsequently, as with the bodily universe, the sensible impact of Aum vibration on the physiology is correct / left mind coherence – a cosmically functioning mind. Aum lowers the mind's oscillatory frequency from Bata frequency of round 14-50 cps, cycles per second, by Alpha of 7-14 cps to a Theta mind pace of between Four-7 cps – under Theta is Delta vibrating at between 1-Three cps which is nearer to the vibration of a stone, however which some accomplishes yogis have attained. The upper the mind's oscillations the higher the nervousness ranges. As with Alpha / Theta mind pace, Bata doesn’t acknowledge "the now" or calmness. Theta frequency prompts the kundalini up alongside the spinal column, which in flip prompts the Pineal / Pituirary glands, together with the 5 cosmic vitality facilities under the mind. This dynamic of low mind oscillation and harmonization, mirrors cosmic consciousness. On reaching this level of religious evolution we are able to say with certainty that we're re-connected and functioning by God-consciousness – the very best degree of human evolution.

Though a core tenet of many religions, Aum and the above scripture, at its applicatory / experiential degree, transcends non secular dogmas and perception methods, respectfully. For, John 1: 1 comprises the precise vibratory Phrase sound God as GAHHD. In essence Aum is our Savior – route of redemption – to turning into redeemed, quickened in Spirit; a God-given dynamic for inside Christ-realization; transformation from base metallic into Gold: the Alchemy-force by which all creation originated, and which creation is at all times transported resulting in Union with never-changing Cosmic-consciousness. Thus, vibrational Aum redeems from struggling – the aircraft of religious ignorance – into the realm of enlightenment and everlasting contentment, peace and transcendental bliss.

Religion-Realization By means of Aum

As Divine Potential, we're all endowed with the inside mechanisms for speaking and attaining Christ-consciousness resulting in cosmic consciousness, which contact-nature embracees Whole Religion. Religion is totally different from perception in that perception primarily consists of discovered or inherited situation vitality cycles, or unconscious responsive patterns which the sleep soul operates by mechanically – bibly known as religious ignorance. On this context, our life can recur complete unreality or phantasm. To awaken from this Maya, phantasm, Fact-Religion must develop into as energetic consciousness, the aware thoughts wants contact with Current Second Consciousness, which initiates the all-embracing cosmic Silence which equates to direct Religion experiencing. Realized or imposed Religion shouldn’t be ample. Repeating "I imagine in God", time and again, whereas optimistic and honest, originates from ego and doesn’t set up precise Religion-consciousness, however quite a repetitive psychological loop to appease ego. As was stated, Religion is inherently current inside Christ-consciousness and is COME UPON – uncovered quite than imposed – by integration of fear-riddled generational conditioning. Religion-nature turns into established in consciousness by vibratory Aum – intuitiveness sourced by naturally-recording happiness and contentment. As soon as established, Religion can’t be reversed or erased.

In fact this isn’t saying we abandon our traditions' beliefs or their core tenets. No, removed from it. It's purely pointing to how the already current state may be realized with out institutional programming. Religion intuits naturally that which we already are – Religion-endowed Spirit. The next Scripture highlights the necessity of Religion realization fantastically: "First search ye the dominion (vibrational Aum) and all else shall be unto the Christ or Larger-Consciousness realization" Matthew 6:33.

In conclusion allow us to look briefly at two related scripts.

"at first God created the heaven and the earth" Genesis 1: 1

Right here once more "at first" in not referring to the creation of the bodily universe eons in the past, and all that such mind-boggling element targets. On this context, we would not have to intellectually know all concerning the legal guidelines of nature, quite by Aum, we develop into attuned mechanically with the innumerable legal guidelines of Nature, of Creation. Subsequently, at sensible degree "at first" is referring to the potential of latest creation – transformation of consciousness. In different phrases, "at first" is aware familiarization with "God (Aum) created the heaven (bliss) and the earth (thoughts)" whereas in meditation.

"And the Phrase was made flesh and dwelt amongst us" John 1-14

This Scripture is referring to the creation and evolution of the bodily physique after Aum vibration entered the embryonic physique quickly after conception. "And dwelth amongst us" – that means, all-pervading or common consciousness inside the Atom / Molecular / Mobile construction.

Esoteric Overview

When interpretations, such because the above three Scriptures are cognized esoterically, then literal interpretations develop into meaningless to an evolving mind and consciousness. The results of enlargement of consciousness ensures no returning to primitive non-soul serving literal understanding. Meditation frees the thoughts of imposed limitations, of fictional mind-sets, making us freed from illusory folks, locations and occasions and shifting into full potential, full artistic means. Then will we prosper, not solely spiritually, however on all ranges of fabric life. By means of Spirit Consciousness will we see and stay by genuine understanding as meant by the Aum-infected authors of Scriptures. What brings full and ultimate liberation from this ever-changing phenomenal existence into realization of our true manifesting potential is Realized Actuality, Transcendental Silence. When Aum vibration is skilled and transcended, that’s contact with the never-changing Absolute established. So will we see manifestation of our goals merely an extension of innate Religion.

Source by Raymond Patrick Phelan