All Life Is One

Many concepts on life have risen and fallen by way of human historical past. However as total human civilizations have come and gone during the last 5 thousand years, one common thought has stood the check of time: "All life is one." A brand new e book research the substantial that means of "All life is one" that’s discovered universally inside human creative expressions previous and current. You will see this concept inside each Japanese and Western philosophy, civilizations new and outdated, and inside virtually each world faith. Many nice thinkers are quoted to have mentioned "All life is one" in a single type or one other together with Gandhi, Carl Jung, George Washington, Invoice Bryson, Common George Patton, John Donne, Invoice Hicks, Silver Birch, Ed Viswanathan and even Buddha. A easy approach to outline 'all life is one' is the next: "Life exists as a singular interconnected consciousness." Science now teaches us that DNA is the chain that binds us collectively. The concept of ​​'all life is one' takes under consideration that every one DNA alive right now has been alive because the first life. DNA is born throughout the replication course of (no new life is restored) nor does it die throughout the replication course of (it’s purely turns into a part of one other chain). This contradicts the idea that we’re born, reproduce and die. All life is definitely infinite. In fact, not solely does this concept go towards our conventional considering of delivery, replica and demise, it additionally dives into the idea of infinity, an idea the human thoughts has excessive problem understanding. An 'infinite, singular life' is kind of profound to know. Such is why chances are you’ll go your total life with out listening to the thought 'all life is one'. Why?

  • Your dad and mom is not going to train it to you.
  • You’ll not discover it in public or personal training.
  • It’s not a part of your college diploma program.
  • It is not going to be in a TV industrial.
  • It is not going to be on the information tonight.
  • It’s not a part of subsequent week's company coaching.
  • It is not going to be on this week's Actuality TV program.
  • It is not going to be a part of this Sunday's sermon.
  • Your mates will not often deliver it up (within the concern of being thought of loony).
  • You should have bother discovering a e book written about it.
  • You’ll be able to barely discover it within the temple of outlandish concepts: The Web.
  • The concept needs to be consciously denied with the intention to perform in synthetic civilization.

What parallels the idea that every one life is one?

  • DNA the fundamental code of life, self-replicates. DNA (life) is an infinite self-replicating chain.
  • This idea of "life being infinite" might be seen just by finding out the fundamental habits of the plant kingdom, bugs and animals.
  • Human DNA is 99.9% equivalent throughout all people, no matter genetics. We all know how the chain works in a typical species.
  • Human DNA is 98.7% equivalent to a Bonobo. We all know how the chain works entering into reverse.
  • Research on human habits present that habits is roughly 93% predictable.
  • Research on human routines present that human habits is 95% behavior.

However DNA and habits research should not compelling sufficient alone.

  • Humanventions such because the Web, the company and the combustion engine parallel the idea that 'all life is one':
  • The Web parallels the singular interconnected unconscious (hive thoughts) of all life on Earth, resembling a Markov Chain of infinite, self-replicating life.
  • The residing cell of an organism intently parallels the workings of the combustion engine.
  • In cosmology, the massive bang areose from a singularity of all matter within the universe. In different phrases, at a cut-off date, all was one.
  • In psychology, protection mechanisms akin to denial andression shield the thoughts from exterior concepts that battle with the beliefs taught as a baby. Additionally cognitive dissonance, the shortcoming to simply accept two conflicting concepts on the similar time. Denial and cognitive dissonance arethe most necessary psychological parallels – they’re basic elements as to why 'all life is one' can’t truly be accepted within the human thoughts.
  • Psychological phenomena that parallel 'all life is one' are many. Mass actions and concepts unfold by way of proximal, much like a virus.
  • Groupthink is one other phenomenon, frequent in academic environments.
  • The phenomenon of mass hysteria has been studied and accounted by way of human historical past.
  • 4 a long time of reincarnation research psychatrist Ian Stevenson point out that the majority 'previous lives' have been recalled by kids earlier than the age of 10 then fully forgotten.
  • Research on equivalent twins present all types of fascinating phenomena, together with ESP and telepathy.
  • Extra psychological parallels embrace introjection, or the replication of behaviors, attributes or different individuals, which is kind of frequent in human society.
  • The Stanford Jail Experiment, one of the vital fascinating psychological experiments ever carried out, needed to be taken due to the outcomes. The outcomes of this experiment ought to show, even to the curious observer, the effectiveness of position adaption – and that people can simply adapt to roles they’ve by no means carried out.

These phenomena on their very own imply nothing. However unified collectively, it appears to point there may probably be a unconscious hyperlink between all life – a 'hive thoughts' so to talk. 'All life is one' is the concept there is just one DNA chain of life, and it’s shared by all residing issues. All of us function from a 'hive thoughts'. One other fascinating little bit of science is Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a naturally occurring psychadelic. DMT has not too long ago been discovered to be in virtually each residing organism. DMT is theorized to function the communication pathway between all life on Earth. DMT is now hypothesized to be produced within the human mind and presumably created by the pineal gland. DMT is current in virtually all natural life, particularly throughout the plant kingdom. DMT can also be present in marine life. Since we now know that ocean life existed within the ocean for 3 and a half billion years earlier than land-based life appeared, what may this imply? If all life is one, not solely does this clarify the nice elements of human civilization: Religion. Hope. Compassion. Altruism. Inventive expertise. Feminine instincts. The constructive sides of organized faith. Advances in medication … It might additionally clarify the dangerous elements of human civilization: Genocide. Suicide. Murder. Mass Homicide. Depravity. Ruthlessness. Battle. The drive for energy. Nuclear weapons. Male instincts. The destructive sides of organized faith. From the Ying to the Yang to your desires and your street hypnosis to your consciousness to your interconnected unconscious, the concept "all life is one" possesses solutions in an existence filled with questions. However it doesn’t matter what occurs in your particular person life, or it doesn’t matter what you consider, simply keep in mind four easy phrases: "All life is one."

Source by Aaron Socio