12 Metaphysical Questions and Answers

Q. Does God exist?

A. If there’s a god, he, she, or it, or neither he, she, nor it, wouldn’t exist. A god might by no means be caught throughout the material of existence as we’re. A god is Actuality, unborn, uncreated, timeless, and subsequently couldn’t exist, and subsequently since we exist, we can’t be actual.

Q. Is it potential to know the reality about God?

A. We can’t “know” God, or Actuality with our materials minds; God is a separate actuality from existence. We, however, are merely matter, mud within the wind, grounded in existence. Due to this fact, there could be no relationship as we generally outline relationship, between us and God; no direct communication. As soon as God is touched, nonetheless, our lives change, and that is how we are able to know God, or Actuality, not directly.

Q. Will science and faith ever turn into one?

A. Every little thing that we are able to know of is inside existence. Due to this fact, science might ultimately unlock all data and all of the mysteries of a corporeal universe that follows bodily legal guidelines. The a part of faith that delves into Final Actuality, nonetheless, can by no means be identified from this facet of existence. We are able to contact Final Actuality or God, however since it’s past expertise, as we all know it, we are able to by no means discuss God as a result of God would by no means register in our minds apart from obscure, ephemeral photographs.

Q. Is the Bible divinely impressed, or merely myths?

A. The Bible is a file, written by scores of individuals about many various occasions over lengthy durations of time. One can solely think about how a narrative may change over 1000’s of years when it’s handed alongside, era by era by phrase of mouth, and with every individual telling the story at a special stage of understanding and maybe with a special agenda. Then, when the tales are additional distorted by many various editors over lots of of years, including, subtracting, and organizing issues that they assume are vital, we could be sure that any tales from antiquity have been altered enormously.

Q. Would morality exist with out religions?

A. Morality is advantage, and advantage is order. Due to this fact, faith makes an attempt to create order, which needs to be advantage. However since faith normally creates order by intimidation and concern, the result’s repressed anger, and repressed anger can flip into violence. Ergo; non secular wars! That is the alternative of order. Order with out faith, subsequently, is feasible, and maybe the one eventual method to an genuine morality that doesn’t contain concern, guilt and anger, and doesn’t set up competing teams that turn into divisive, which leads to the alternative of order.

Q. Why are we right here?

A. No one is right here. The ego is an phantasm. Our our bodies are however components of mom earth, and mom earth is right here due to trigger and impact; the flux between matter and vitality.

Q. Are there actually miracles, or can all of them be defined scientifically?

A. All apparent miracles are grounded in existence. The one true miracle is that human beings can transcend existence and contact actuality. Once we transcend existence, nonetheless, we can’t discuss it, as a result of once we transcend existence, we contact a Actuality that can not be understood by existence. Existence and Actuality are separate ranges. All that we all know is that we now have modified not directly.

Q. What a part of us continues after demise?

A. No a part of us. We don’t personal any of our elements; they’re all merely items of the earth and can return to the earth once we die. Every little thing that we find out about ourselves will disappear upon demise. However one thing does proceed, and that one thing is named karma.

Q. Is the universe everlasting or not everlasting?

A. Each. The kinds that alternate forwards and backwards between vitality and matter aren’t everlasting, however vitality can by no means be destroyed. Due to this fact, the universe itself is each everlasting and never everlasting. “In vacancy there’s kind, in kind there’s vacancy.”

Q. Is the universe finite or infinite?

A. The universe is existence, and as such is finite. The Actuality, which holds the universe in its arms and is the supply of all consciousness within the universe, is infinite.

Q. Are the physique and the “self” the identical?

A. The self is a building of the thoughts, which is a part of the physique. Self and thoughts die with the physique.

Q. After demise, will we live on or not exist?

A. Each. We now not exist as a physique or thoughts. Karma continues nonetheless, and is reborn into an acceptable existence that matches the karmic tendencies. At the moment, the brand new existence will look like actual, as had the final, and that existence will reap the outcomes of the outdated physique’s karma, good and dangerous. The string of those existences is held collectively by karma, and every new entity will really feel the outcomes of the outdated entity’s karma. It can all appear actual once more, and we are going to really feel the ache and pleasure of our previous actions, that are our karma.

Source by E. Raymond Rock